Psychic Readings New York – Frequently asked Qustions

  1. Who is New York Psychic Jack Rourke?

Jack Rourke is the best-selling author of The Rational Psychic and the most prominent professional psychic in North America today. His clients include medical professionals and psychologists, as well as members of the U.S. Military, law enforcement and intelligence communities – political officials, professional athletes, and many recognizable faces. Jack holds an honorary Doctorate of Divinity in recognition for his 25 years of spiritual service. His expert opinions and commentary are found within the books Kids Who See Ghosts by Dr. Caron Goode and What Wags the World – Tales of Conscious Awakening by Miriam Knight & Julie Clayton. Jack is a frequent expert featured in the media. CNN contacted Jack for a Spiritual perspective upon the passing of superstar Michael Jackson. His accurate predictions have been distributed worldwide by the Associated Press, NBC, FOX, and many more respected media outlets. For more info read our ABOUT page.

 2. What is the cost for an appointment?

Sessions are conducted in 60, 90 and 120-minute increments for new clients. They are 275 and 395 & 500 USD respectively... Payment via Visa, MasterCard or American Express is accepted via Paypal or Square. Paypal and Square are secure merchant services that process credit cards. You do not need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. Paypal processes credit cards like any other financial system. 30 minute Follow-up Support Sessions are available for existing clients only. 

3. Can I schedule a same day appointment with Jack?

Yes you can - schedule permitting. However, typically clients schedule 3 to 10 days in advance due to demand. Also, we like to ensure new clients are familiar with our service and actually want the offering we provide. A few days gives you time to formulate your questions for Jack and familiarize yourself with the contents of your scheduling email. For these reasons, we generally accept same-day sessions (in the absence of an emergency) from previous clients - provided they contact us before 10 am PDT. The best thing is to use our self-scheduler and then reach out. If we can accommodate you earlier than you booked, we will.

  4. What kind of Psychic abilities does Jack possess?

Jack is primarily clairvoyant. This means he sees detailed psychic visions both inside his mind’s eye and projected outside of him superimposed over the physical world. Jack also hears, feels and senses extrasensory information. He blends all his psychic sensing abilities in such a way that allows him to offer truly transformative personal guidance. After decades of training and practice, Jack's psychic abilities offer him an immersive experience... Jack is primarily clairvoyant. This means he sees detailed psychic visions both in his mind’s eye and projected outside of him superimposed over the physical world - allowing him to almost literally "look around" inside his visions. Jack also hears and feels extrasensory information. However, what is unique with Jack is how he skillfully shifts awareness between various metaphysical vantage points. This allows him to provide inexplicably detailed information and truly transformative personal guidance.

5. What kind of psychic readings does Jack Rourke provide?

Jack provides client-focused™ consultations spanning Love & relationships, Career, and Financial issues. He is also a m medical intuitive. But, your session can include predictions and healing insight on almost any interpersonal or spiritual circumstance. Jack's sole focus is serving you by focusing on real issues that really matter to you.

Jack’s psychic sessions are intended to be a personal process of self-discovery.  His client-focused™ method is a highly effective free-flowing yet structured extrasensory process formatted to address your unique needs. Sessions will illuminate your path forward for the purpose of fostering personal transformation and making empowered decisions.For more information about Jack's ESP click here.

6. Can I meet Jack face to face for a reading?

Due to demand, all psychic readings are conducted by phone. Jack consults daily with clients from many different time zones throughout the English-speaking world. The only way to meet such a challenge is to tightly schedule clients by phone. This prohibits face to face meetings. 

If you're a visitor to California or New York and you want to book a face to face psychic reading because you've seen jack on TV or read his book please know ours is not that kind of service. Ours is a spiritual healing service. We also do not provide presentational readings where you remain quiet simply witnessing Jack perform ESP as a way of providing an experimental mystical encounter. 

 7. Is a phone reading the same as a face to face session?

Yes. Phone readings are the same as in-person sessions. Since Jack accesses information remotely your physical presence is not required. In fact, phone readings are arguably better than face to face readings because a phone reading ensures Jack isn’t gleaning clues from your wardrobe or physical appearance. Phone readings also allow you to relax and remain anonymous in the privacy of your home, car or office while receiving sometimes highly personal guidance.

 8. Does Jack talk to dead people?

Jack began his career as a highly successful medium (someone who talks to dead people) but has since evolved.  Jack no longer communicates with deceased people or pets unless this occurs spontaneously or Jack deems it relevant. (For example: determining whether a person was murdered or died of natural causes.)  Jack does not "talk" to ghosts or deliver messages from “spirit” or spirit guides. Jack’s psychic work is strictly focused on helping you gain clarity, overcome adversity, live your dreams and enjoy deeply fulling relationships.

 9. Are mini psychic readings, sample readings, free intro readings, email readings or Skype video sessions available?

All sessions are 30, 60 or 90-minute pre-paid phone sessions only. Jack only works on the phone with pad and pen in a darkened room to limit sensory stimulation.

 10. Can I be quiet and just have Jack tell me things during my appointment?

Jack’s psychic sessions are intended to be a personal process of self-discovery. After 20 plus years working as a psychic counselor, Jack has developed a "client-focused" process tailored to meet your specific needs. This process is a combination of directed ESP, intuitive presence and controlled remote viewing. So, rather than talking at you in a presentational fashion like a performance, Jack works with you. He accesses extrasensory consciousness and then uses your questions as points of focus in order to offer you personally meaningful solutions, visions, and insight. It's expected that during your session you will yield to Jack's expertise allowing him to work his unique process for you while you remain actively engaged like how one might work with a mainstream counselor.

11. Who is Liz (Elizabeth)?

Elizabeth is Jack’s longtime office manager. Contact her for same day appointments (best prior to 10 AM PST) and media inquiries.

12. Will I speak directly with Jack during my session?

Yes. All appointments are confidential. You will only ever speak directly with Jack.

13. Why does Jack need questions from me and does he need them in advance?

Jack does not need your questions in advance. But since ours is a healing service we use your question to sculpt how to best meet your needs - stated and intuited. - During psychic sessions, Jack writes your concerns on a legal pad creating an intuitive diagram. Each client’s diagram is completely unique. Jack then moves around this diagram continuing to scribble and make notations as he channels information for you. The reading will ebb and flow into other areas as well. At the end of the reading, the paper is discarded. No personal details are ever recorded or kept for future sessions.

14. Can you or I audio record my psychic session?

We do not permit recording under any circumstances. Many high profile and agency clients use our service. To ensure privacy we do not record or permit the recording of sessions. If you prefer to record your psychic sessions, we are not the service for you. Over the years, we have found audio recording inhibits being truly present in the moment. Recording devices can also create mechanical distractions and they also inhibit emotional vulnerability on the part of the client. Our psychic readings are not performances. Have your questions ready and bring an open heart and willingness to live fully present in your psychic reading experience.

15. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

You can be certain that if you open to Jack’s process, he will over fulfill you. Our missions is your happiness and wellbeing. However, extrasensory perception can be a view of your life without context and from a much broader, liberated and healing perspective.  And, individual results do vary. It can take time to understand that vantage point. Likewise, it can take time for the value of paranormally discerned information to become realized.... We are not a corporation marketing psychic readings. Ours is a boutique service providing signifcant insght for discerning people. This means before and after your session a tremendous amount of time is invested in serving you behind the scenes. When clients book an appointment they’re paying for our time, expertise and commitment to their wellbeing. They are not a purchasing a specific result. There are no refunds. Please review our terms and conditions prior to booking.