Professional Psychic Readings in New York

Thank you for visiting our psychic readings page. Below you will find details outlining the kinds of psychic readings Jack provides. You will also learn about our prices. And, you will discover exactly how Jack conducts his methodically accurate and unique client-focused™ psychic service.

New York Psychic Jack Rourke provides solution-oriented expert psychic service by phone from New York, New York.

 Appointments are Mon – Fri, 10:30 am – 4 pm PDT.  Administrative office hours are from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

Fees: Appointments are currently offered to new clients in 60, 90 and 120-minute increments. Prices are 269, 395 and 500 USD respectively. Visa, MC & AMEX are securely accepted via PayPal, Venmo & Square merchant services. All appointments are prepaid. Follow-up support sessions and ongoing monthly rates are available to existing clients.

How do I schedule my psychic appointment?

There are two ways to schedule your psychic appointment.

  1. The best way to schedule your psychic appointment is to visit our Book Now page. From there you can select and confirm an appointment of your choice. Next, you will immediately receive a confirmation email containing important details about your session. Jack will then thing ring you promptly at your appointed time.
  2. The second way to schedule your psychic appointment is to submit a reading request. You may submit a reading request through email using our contact page. or by leaving a message with our reception service. Elizabeth will follow up with a scheduling email and invoice for confirming your psychic session within ten minutes. You will then have a limited time to pay your invoice. If you fail to confirm your appointment in the time allotted,  your appointment will be offered to another.

During your psychic session, Jack will systematically address your questions and concerns using his fact-driven client-focused™ process. Jack’s client-focused™ protocol has evolved over 25 years serving the public. His client-focused™ method is a combination of analytical remote sensing and spiritually embodied extrasensory discernment employed in a collaborative free-flowing yet structured psychic process formatted to address your specific needs.

Our sessions are designed to deliver transformative results rather than indulge mystical beliefs or inspire magical feelings that offer you no long-term value. This means the sole focus of your appointment will be identifying and satisfying your needs using Jack’s unique psychic process. This is the exact extrasensory method Jack’s used to successfully collaborate with medical doctors, make accurate global predictions for NBC, FOX and the Associated Press®, clairvoyantly profile criminals & missing persons for law enforcement and provide actionable healing insight for more than ten thousand grateful clients since 1996. Read our customer feedback. Review Jack’s professional bio. Discover why Jack is a truly unique psychic professional.

After 25 years working professionally with law enforcement, medical doctors and thousands of clients worldwide, Jack’s only focus is helping you. Since there is high demand and there are limited personal appointments offered each week, we only accept clients who we feel we can make the most spiritually powerful impact. We do not accept appointments with potential clients who are simply curious about psychic phenomena. We also turn away tourists, those who are not amenable to our psychic methods, and people who are seeking a mystical experience of their belief system.


How does a Psychic Reading by phone with Jack Work?

As a professional psychic and spiritual counselor committed to serving your higher purpose, rather than talking at you in an impersonal presentational fashion akin to a performance, every session with Jack begins with him working with you – before he accesses extrasensory consciousness for you.

Your psychic reading with Jack starts even before he picks up the phone and speaks with you. During his pre-appointment meditation, Jack prepares for his time with you by psychically immersing himself in the felt experience of your being. When your actual phone time with Jack begins he will first explain his unique psychic process. Next, Jack will help you clarify the reasons for your psychic reading so that he can target the most meaningful and helpful information for you. This portion of his process involves creating an intuitive outline using your questions and concerns. Jack uses this intuitive diagram as a platform to help direct his attention into subjects, into people, and into circumstances – to pull back extrasensory information you want to know, need to know, or you should know.

While in session subjects you did not plan to discuss can pop up. Your appointment will ebb and flow depending on what information flows forward during your reading. You may indeed ask follow-up questions.  But Jack will always return to your primary questions and concerns because he is committed to providing the insight you need to address your unique questions and concerns so you can effectively make decisions moving forward.

Telephone appointments are exactly the same as in-person psychic readings. In fact, in many ways, Jack believes they are superior. 

Jack works in a sensory deprived state. His workspace is dark and our entire office is situated to decrease noise. For this reason, Jack never skypes. Being alone in a sensory deprived environment allows Jack to focus fully only on extrasensory impressions without any external distraction.

The advantage phone sessions offer to clients is that they allow you to remain anonymous and comfortable in your personal space. Our many long-term clients actually prefer the convenience, privacy and secure intimacy telephone sessions provide. This is particularly true for our high-profile clients.


Psychic  New York – Spiritual evolution is an immediately beneficial, yet a long-term commitment to the self-realization process. Jack has clairvoyantly coached clients through emotional, mental, spiritual, vocational and medical crisis to find peace and prosperity. Each individual is a different divine expression, shaped by unique causes and conditions, however. On the spiritual path, there are no quick psychic fixes. Relying on spells, the dead, or higher intelligence for getting what you want fast, are paths to deception. Fulfillment only occurs in accordance with your acceptance of love, transparency, and unification with the implicit gift that is your underlying divine authenticity.

Before booking please read all policies and procedures here: Terms & Conditions.